Asking for help is not a mark of weakness, it is a mark of honesty, of the realization that you are not alone.

Evan takes a different approach to consulting. Rather than viewing himself as an “expert” who swoops in to tell you what’s wrong and how to fix it, he spends time getting to know the youth ministry staff members and explores how they might be effective in ministry with and among youth. This is not about a right way and a wrong way to “do” youth ministry, instead, it is about a collaborative effort that emphasizes the gifts of the youth ministry staff and how those might be best utilized in various contexts. For more information, availability and rates, use the “Contact Us” form on the right.


Evan is a gifted speaker and has been asked to speak to groups of all sizes. He engages audiences of all ages through humor, creativity, and passion.  For more information about Evan speaking to your group, please use the “Contact Us” form to the right.


The General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church has launched an initiative to connect youth ministers who are looking for short-term mentoring relationships. This is an excellent opportunity to connect to other youth ministers with similar areas of interest/expertise. If you are looking for a FREE way to get some advise or talk through some things dealing with youth ministry, check out the Field Guide Network!

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