evan_jonesEvan is currently the Director of Discipleship at First United Methodist Dallas where he provides the direction and vision for a growing and vibrant ministry that uses new program structures to be more intentional about discipleship. 


With a passion for innovative worship design, intentional community opportunities, and ongoing relational service engagements for youth, Evan has developed a philosophical approach to youth ministry structure called “HOLISTIC YOUTH MINISTRY.” 

Evan has served as a youth minister since 2000 in urban and suburban ministry contexts. First at Travis Park UMC in San Antonio, TX , then at Suncreek UMC in Allen, TX. Most recently, Evan served as Director of Youth Ministries of Custer Road UMC in Plano, TX. 

He lives in Plano with his wife Jana and his two children, Kyler and Harper. He loves Jesus and the Dallas Stars, in that order. 

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